If talking about the popular coffee drink, cappuccino always becomes one of the topic discussions. This Italian coffee has a lot of fans and can be found at the various establishment.

What Typical Coffee Is It?

Cappuccino is a kind of coffee drink that is usually served with hot milk and a double espresso. A foamed milk is usually put on the top of it. Just like most of the Italian coffee, espresso is also prepared with macchinette, an espresso machine. Cappuccino comes from the Latin word, Caputium which means “hood” or something used to cover the head. Generally, people serve cappuccino by using some steps.

First, the double espresso is placed at the bottom of the cup. It is then followed by hot milk with the same amount. The milk itself is prepared by texturing and heating the milk by using the steam wand of the espresso machine. Meanwhile, the top third of the beverage is placed by milk foam. Most of the time, people decorate the foam with latte art. This is artistic drawings which are created by using the same milk used to prepare the cappuccino. This coffee drink is usually served in a small glass with a handle of 150ml – 180 ml and a thick foam layer on top of it. Cappuccino is extremely popular in South America, Australia, Europe, and North America.

How to Prepare a Cup of Delicious Cappuccino?

There are some popular methods used mainly used by people to prepare cappuccino, include:

1. Traditional and Latte Art

There are two main ways most people used to prepare this coffee drink, the traditional and latte art way. in the traditional method, the preparation of cappuccino includes ½ espresso, ½ steamed milk, and ½ milk foam. However, the latte art way is served mainly in the smaller cup through the recipe used is just the same. The differentiation between the two ways is the textured milk poured to the latte and patterned crema put on top of it.

2. Iced Cappuccino

Iced cappuccino is another cappuccino preparation method that gains popularity today. To make an iced cappuccino, you have to blend the frozen drink with cream when you serve it. You can also replace the cream with milk or chocolate milk based on your preference. In some coffee chains, the iced cappuccino preparation also includes whipped topping, chocolate syrup, flavor shot, and caramel.

3. Cappuccino Freddo

Cappuccino Freddo is another version of iced cappuccino which is very popular in Greece and Cyprus. Though it carries Italian name, the cappuccino Freddo is not popular in Italy or in the countries outside Greece. In this coffee drink, there is aphrogala placed on the top of it. Aphrogala is cold milk-based foam which is created by using an electric frother. In serving the espresso, the foam will be added to it and poured over the ice. Cappuccino Freddo is only found delis catering and coffee shops of the Greek expat community.

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