Who does not know about espresso? This type of Italian coffee is considered to be one of the most popular beverages in the world. Find out more about the espresso coffee in this article.

Espresso – What Kind of Coffee Is It?

Espresso is a type of coffee that is brewed by using a small amount of almost boiling water. The coffee resulted is usually thicker than other coffee brewed by using other methods. Espresso also usually comes with the higher concentration of dissolved and suspended solids. The most important thing that differs espresso from another type of coffee is that it has cream on top. This is a foam that has the creamy consistency. The brewing process applied to make espresso caused the chemicals and flavors are extremely concentrated.

The Brief History of Espresso

Though coffee began extremely popular in Italy since the 16th century, the creation of espresso was started much later than that, in 1884. Thank Angelo Moriondo that invented the first Italian bar machine. The device could control the water and steam to be supplied separately through the coffee. Luigi Bezzera made some improvements to make the machine worked perfectly to create delicious espresso in 1901.

The Espresso machine was then produced massively in 1905 in Milan. Since then, espresso gains huge popularity in Italy and its consumption raises every year. Along with the Italian diaspora due to the political issues in the country, espresso was brought to the other parts of the world.

This kind of coffee started to become more popular in the United Kingdom in the 1950s and later in the United States. Italian people love to drink espresso without adding milk. They adore the strong taste of the coffee. However, in the countries that use English as the first language, drinking espresso with added milk is more popular. Along with its popularity, espresso also comes with another variant.

Instead of serving it hot, there are a lot of people to prefer drink cold espresso or sometimes called as Espresso Freddo. This alternative form is mostly chosen by people in Southern Europe. During the summer, the demand for cold espresso increases in those countries, especially in Greece.

The Caffeine and Nutrient Contained in a Cup of Espresso

A cup of espresso usually contains more caffeine per unit if compared to most coffee. However, espresso is usually served in a small size that makes it contains less caffeine than other types of coffee use standard brewing method. Due to the more amount of caffeine contained, most people tend to choose to have espresso during breakfast to generate their spirit before starting the day. Espresso also contains significant nutrients such as riboflavin, vitamin B, and magnesium.

The Espresso-Based Beverages

Espresso has a unique taste and people also frequently blend it with other materials such as milk, wet foamed, dry foamed, or hot water. Espresso which is blended with milk includes cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and flat white. Latte macchiato and cortado are mainly served with milk and little foam. Meanwhile, the espresso that is combined with water includes long black and Americano.

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